Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Good Morning Quibbling Quolls!

Please take out your independent reading book and kick back and read! 
  • TA Announcements
  • Student News
  • Lucy and Annie! Debrief
  • Read article and respond to the following questions in a blog post labeled conflict and humanities:
    • How did ISIS come about (conditions)?
    • What is the group's mission (motivation)? How does ISIS fund its activities (actions)?
    • Why do world leaders want to stop ISIS (motivation)?
    • How are world leaders planning to weaken the group's activities (actions)? What happens if their tactics don't succeed?
    • Do you agree with their strategy? Why or why not? If you don't agree, what do you think would be a better peaceful resolution?
    • What type of conflict do you think this is based on the four types we have been looking at?
  • Group discussion about question responses


  • 3/30: C1 Word Log #13/ C2 Quiz #13
  • Read 30 minutes every night M-TH

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