Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good Morning Playful Pit bulls!

Happy Friday! Please start your morning by writing your weekly book blog. Please use the prompts for reflection if needed. 

8:00-8:05 Attendance
8:05-8:30 Town Meeting- Community Gathering go over- Whip a Na Na- talk about citizenship goals
wolf tracks and kind monkey
8:30-9:00 Write citizenship goals and reflect
GID w/ Burns & Griffin
Movie then free time w/ Kelly & Bronner
10:00-10:30 Recess
10:30-11:30 core ½

11:30-12:30 core ¾

  • Think about the country that you created and the USA What did you have in common? Did you both include:
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Freedom of Press
    • Freedom of Religion 
    • Equality under the law
  • Compare and Contrast USA and another country's rights and responsibilities
  • Google Form 
  • WWW due 2/3 (Core 1 Only)
  • Read 30 minutes every night M-TH

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