Sunday, January 10, 2016

Good Morning Campy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Before you share your country, please respond to the following:
What was the most challenging thing for you in the development of your country and why? What do you like best about your country and why?

  • DANCE eligibility by Wednesday!
  • Student News
  • Meet in a small group about country. Report out:
    • What do you have that are similar?
    • What are the differences in your countries?
    • Is there a country that one of your group members created that you would like to live in? Why? What about the rights and values make this place an appealing place to live?
  • Review unit/daily target
  • Big idea: How was our country created? How is our government set up?
  • Crash Course in American Revolution
  • American Revolution Exit Ticket

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