Monday, October 26, 2015

Good Morning Icky Indian Palm Squirrel

Indian Palm SquirrelWrite a blog post summarizing your reading that you have done over the past week. Then reflect and react about what you have read and what you think is going to happen next.  Label #humanities #bookblog

  • QOD
  • Bill Slocum (11:30-12:30 & after 1)
  • Finish Reflecting on the following questions in your blog:
    • Three things I learned from the map
    • Two things that surprised me
    • One question I have now
  • Debrief questions from Friday and Immigration Map 
  • Watch and debrief The Danger of a Single Story
  • Respond to the following on your blog titled The Danger of a Single Story and labeled Humanities and Immigration:
    • What does Chimamanda mean when she says: "single story"?
    • Have you ever been in a situation where you witnessed a single story in action? Either someone made an assumption about you based on a single story or you made an assumption about someone else? 
    • What is the danger of a single story?

  • Read 30 minutes each night M-TH
  • Word Log Quiz Wednesday (10/28)

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