Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Morning Yapping Yorkshire Terriers

Please go onto your writing tips post you wrote last week.
Re-read your tips that you left for yourself last week. Now take out your independent reading books and jump onto Blogger to write your weekly reading reflection. Be sure work on your writing tips! 

8-9 - 5th grade help (Leah - Bill, Amelia - Alex, Jordy - Sue, Maura - Elizabeth)
9-9:30 Town Meeting (5th grade share, celebrations?  
9:30-10:30 Get It Down (Burns/Griffin Movie time,  Bronner/Kelly GID)
10:30-11:00 Recess
11:00-11:45 core ½
11:45-12:30 core ¾

  • 2/17 Core 1 Word Log due/ Core 2 Word Work Quiz
  • Work on your Act Responsibly Goal
  • Read 30 minutes every night M-TH

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